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This deviation was deleted

Might Want to Work on the Arms, The Hands and the Feet, Also Make the...Wait Is this Art a girl or a guy? Draw Something...Uhh..The C-chest..if its a girl....You Might want to Work on the People..and the human Drawings.... i suggest You work on Human's More.....Also...You Might Want to work on the humans Ears.

Ok Lets see the list on to Work on:

* Arms (Less Muscular if its a Girl)
*Chest(Put the Chest if is a girl)
*The shirt....Might Want to do that...

Ok I will Stop i feel like i am Being Mean And bring Down People's Spirit's But HEY Practice MAKES PERFECT! Work on these You will Be Good! Also..You Might Want to rent How to draw manga Out of a Library..Or something like that....
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GlaringFeline Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
During the initial sketching there were breasts but the arms are in front of them.

With the arms I tried to make it look more natural by making them curvy, I'll try to tone that down next time.

Thank you for the critique. ^^
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